Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
LTER Network Office Thomas McOwiti LNO Site Description 08/27/12 282
The Sevilleta LTER Wireless Data Acquisition Network Renée F. Brown SEV Site Science 08/27/12 281
Recent range shifts and the role of sexual signals in premating isolation of sympatric Calopteryx damselflies Idelle Cooper KBS Site Science 08/27/12 280
Leaving a data legacy: Data management training at the KBS LTER Lauren Kinsman KBS None 08/27/12 279
Drivers of groundwater flow at a back barrier island – marsh transect Jonathan Ledoux GCE Site Science 08/27/12 278
Assessing Phenological Overlap of Native and Introduced Plant Species in Interior Alaska Stephen Decina BNZ Site Science 08/26/12 277
Using Loosely Coupled Models to Assess Climate-Change Impacts on Common Loon Occurrence in Northern Wisconsin John Walker NTL Site Science 08/26/12 276
Coral recruitment in Moorea: reef recovery in a new era of acid water and high temperature Peter Edmunds MCR Site Science 08/26/12 275
The Moorea Coral Reef LTER Site Sally Holbrook MCR Site Description 08/26/12 274
Distribution of Ammonia-Oxidazing Archaea along the Elevation Gradient at El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico Sharon Cantrell LUQ Site Science 08/26/12 273
Altitudinal gradient of dissolved organic carbon in headwater streams of the Wuyi Mountains in China honghua ruan Other Site Science 08/26/12 272
Mapping Phytoplankton and Related Physical-Chemical Variables within the Duplin River Tidal Drainage in Georgia John Schalles GCE Site Science 08/25/12 271
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Anne Giblin PIE Site Description 08/25/12 270
Carbon balance of converting conservation reserve program (CRP) grasslands to agriculture. Ilya Gelfand KBS Site Science 08/25/12 269
Biotic mechanisms contributing to the stability of productivity differ along a gradient of rainfall variability Lauren Hallett KBS Cross-site Science 08/24/12 268
Evaluating and Exploring Patterns of Satellite-predicted Forest Phenology in the Southern Appalachians Jeff Hepinstall-C... CWT Site Science 08/24/12 267
Seasonal changes in open water area in the vicinity of penguin colonies near Palmer Station, northwestern Antarctic Peninsula Sharon Stammerjohn PAL Site Science 08/24/12 266
Aboveground and Belowground Responses to Nutrient Additions and Herbivore Exclusion in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems in Northern Alaska John Moore ARC Site Science 08/24/12 265
The impact of climate forcing on the phenology of ecological processes in the North Temperate Lakes Jacob Walsh NTL Site Science 08/24/12 264
Land Ocean Interaction in the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER Dan Reed SBC Site Description 08/24/12 263
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER