Colorado mountains


Changes in crop productivity as a result of shallow groundwater, Yahara Watershed, Wisconsin

Poster Number:  330 Presenter/Primary Author:  Samuel Zipper A primary limitation on agricultural yields in many parts of the world, including the US Corn Belt, is the quantity and temporal distribution of water resources.

Boater perceptions of environmental issues affecting lakes in the Northern Highlands of Wisconsin

Poster Number:  313 Presenter/Primary Author:  Ben Beardmore Recreation is a primary use of many lakes in the Northern Highlands Lake District, and the NTL-LTER has committed to better understanding the interactions between these users and the ecology of the

Long term assessment of nitrogen cycling and harmful algal blooms in Lake Mendota, WI, USA

Poster Number:  289 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lucas Beversdorf Anthropogenic eutrophication of freshwaters has accelerated the occurrence of cyanobacterial blooms leading to altered ecosystem function and structure, water quality degradation, economic loss, an

Using Loosely Coupled Models to Assess Climate-Change Impacts on Common Loon Occurrence in Northern Wisconsin

Poster Number:  276 Presenter/Primary Author:  John Walker The coupled groundwater/surface-water model GSFLOW was used to simulate the hydrologic response of 27 lakes in the Trout Lake watershed to a variety of climate-change scenarios downscaled by the Wi

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER