Colorado mountains


Nitrous Oxide Fluxes As a Function of Diffusion and Profile Concentrations in the Upper Meter of an Agricultural Soil

Poster Number:  382 Presenter/Primary Author:  Iurii Shcherbak Nitrous oxide (N2O) production in arable soils is a major part of agricultural GHG emissions but not much is known about subsurface sources of N2O.

Coordinating Farm Management to Expand Provision of Ecosystem Services

Poster Number:  378 Presenter/Primary Author:  Leah Harris Palm-... Cooperative land management can cost-effectively enhance ecosystem services (ES) provided by agriculture.

KBS LTER: Field Crop Ecology

Poster Number:  370 Presenter/Primary Author:  Justin Kunkle The KBS LTER site is in a diverse, rural-to-semirural landscape typical of the U.S. Great Lakes and upper Midwest regions.

Does Crop Rotation Influence Soil Microbial Function?

Poster Number:  344 Presenter/Primary Author:  Marshall McDaniel Crop rotations, which increase plant diversity through time, are considered key to sustainable agroecosystem management.  Crop rotations have been shown to alter soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER