Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Photosynthetic and resource acquisition traits in annual and perennial cereals Nikhil Jaikumar KBS Site Science 08/30/12 322
Microbial mat nutrient storage in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Tyler Kohler MCM Site Science 08/30/12 321
Monitoring global change in Sierra Nevada LTER platform (Spain): Preliminary results Antonio Jesús Per... ILTER Site Science 08/30/12 320
Fungal and bacterial pathways along a gradient of climate and productivity Samantha Colby AND None 08/29/12 319
Mechanisms of soil C storage in bioenergy cropping systems Lisa Tiemann KBS Cross-site Science 08/29/12 318
Non-linear nitrous oxide (N2O) response to N fertilizer during switchgrass establishment Leilei Ruan KBS Site Science 08/29/12 317
Spatial and temporal variability in soil CO2 fluxes during the snow covered season on Niwot Ridge Daniel Liptzin NWT Site Science 08/29/12 316
Microclimate driven by complex terrain predicts within-season movement by a migrant songbird Sarah Frey Hadley AND Site Science 08/29/12 315
Changes in invertebrate communities along a natural elevational climate gradient at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA Lynn Christenson HBR Site Science 08/29/12 314
Boater perceptions of environmental issues affecting lakes in the Northern Highlands of Wisconsin Ben Beardmore NTL Site Science 08/29/12 313
Combining LTER data with other monitoring data to achieve a broader spatial and temporal perspective Andrew Rassweiler SBC Site Science 08/29/12 312
The roles of crabs in forming tidal creeks in sinking salt marshes Huy Vu GCE Site Science 08/29/12 311
The effects of extreme heat and drought on a tallgrass prairie ecosystem David Hoover KNZ Site Science 08/29/12 310
Effect of Sargassum pacificum on the calcification of juvenile Porites rus in elevated CO2 conditions Heather Hillard MCR Site Science 08/29/12 309
The Konza Prairie LTER Program: Grassland Dynamics and Long-Term Trajectories of Change John Blair KNZ Site Description 08/29/12 308
The Role of Behavior in Influencing Headwater Salamander Kristen Cecala CWT Site Science 08/29/12 307
Is the missing nitrogen source (or sink) at Hubbard Brook statistically significant? Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies (QUEST) Ruth Yanai HBR Site Science 08/29/12 306
In situ CO2 enrichment alters the nutrient and carbohydrate content of seagrasses: Parallels to terrestrial research James Fourqurean FCE Site Science 08/29/12 305
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) production by Rhizosphere fungi from Nitrogen fertilized grasslands Sara Lopez SEV Site Science 08/28/12 304
Effects of ocean acidification on bioerosion of burrowing bivalves in Moorea, French Polynesia. Lauren Valentino MCR Site Science 08/28/12 303
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER