Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Where the LTER Network meets the Genomics Standards Consortium Inigo San Gil LNO Cross-site Science 08/31/12 362
Establishment and persistence of macroalgal phase shifts Samantha Davis MCR Site Science 08/31/12 361
Patch-burn grazing and demographic performance of grassland songbirds Brett Sandercock KNZ Site Science 08/31/12 360
Salix shrub expansion over the past 62 years in rocky mountain alpine tundra Adam Formica NWT Site Science 08/31/12 359
Quantifying the physiology of structurally complex arctic vegetation and implications for ecosystem function in a shrubbier tundra Adam Formica ARC Site Science 08/31/12 358
Climate variability, land use, disturbance regimes, and water supplies in a Rocky Mountain ecosystem Patrick Bourgeron NWT Site Science 08/31/12 357
Dynamics of social-ecological systems in the Colorado Front Range: Fire regimes, thresholds, and stable states Patrick Bourgeron NWT Site Science 08/31/12 356
No fertilization effects on soil respiration and root respiration in northern hardwoods of New Hampshire. Kikang Bae HBR Site Science 08/31/12 355
Exploring C substrate and soil moisture effects on bacterial diversity through 13C- and 18O-DNA stable isotope probing in polar deserts Sabrina Saurey MCM Site Science 08/31/12 354
Boom-bust episodes alter plant species diversity patterns in arid urban landscapes Julie Ripplinger CAP Site Science 08/31/12 353
The effects of surrounding habitat on plant, pollinator, and plant-pollinator interaction richness and abundance Vera Pfeiffer AND Site Science 08/31/12 352
Potential Roles of Gypsophilic fungal endophytes at the Sevilleta LTER Terri Tobias SEV Site Science 08/31/12 351
Waterbirds in the Plum Island Sound Estuary, Massachusetts: Historical trends and current patterns Robert Buchsbaum PIE Site Science 08/31/12 350
Isolation of Fungi from Healthy and Blue-Stain Infected Piñon at the Sevilleta LTER Andrea Porras-Alfaro SEV Site Science 08/31/12 349
Soil and endophytic fungal associations with grama at the Sevilleta LTER Andrea Porras-Alfaro SEV Site Science 08/31/12 348
Thermophilic Fungi in Biological Soil Crust at the Sevilleta LTER Andrea Porras-Alfaro SEV Site Science 08/31/12 347
SBC-sLTER: An Ocean View of Marine EcosySTEMs Scott Simon SBC Site Science 08/31/12 346
Characterization of Endophytic Cellulose Degrading Fungi at the Sevilleta LTER site. Andrea Porras-Alfaro SEV Site Science 08/31/12 345
Does Crop Rotation Influence Soil Microbial Function? Marshall McDaniel KBS Site Science 08/31/12 344
Remote sensing of canopy nitrogen as a window to the functioning of ecosystems Scott Ollinger HBR Cross-site Science 08/31/12 343
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER