Colorado mountains


Plant Community Succession on Drying Lakes in the Yukon Flats, Alaska

Poster Number:  287 Presenter/Primary Author:  Mark Winterstein Plant succession is often studied by observing how plant communities colonize the landscape and subsequently change over time.

Assessing Phenological Overlap of Native and Introduced Plant Species in Interior Alaska

Poster Number:  277 Presenter/Primary Author:  Stephen Decina Boreal ecosystems in Alaska have historically been buffered from the impacts of non-native plant invasions due to a cold climate, permafrost soils and a limited human disturbance footprint.

Investigating tree species effects on plant-soil-microbial feedbacks in Alaskan boreal forest

Poster Number:  115 Presenter/Primary Author:  April Melvin In Alaskan boreal forest, fire is a common disturbance that can alter successional trajectories and plant-soil-microbial (PSM) feedbacks.

Microbial community structure and functional genes associated with four boreal vegetation types

Poster Number:  112 Presenter/Primary Author:  Mary-Cathrine Leewis Microorganisms constitute some of the most functionally diverse organisms on the planet, with metabolic capabilities ranging from nutrient cycling to xenobiotic pollutant degradation.  Many en

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