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Information Management at PAL LTER

Poster Number:  381 Presenter/Primary Author:  James Conners A variety of developments are occurring within the information management group at PAL LTER focused on improving local and network-wide access to site data and improving

Adélie Penguin Colony Size and Local Population Extinction: A Predation-Induced Tipping Point

Poster Number:  328 Presenter/Primary Author:  William Fraser Adélie penguin research in the Palmer LTER (PALTER) region has historically focused on five island rookeries that at the inception of investigations in 1974 held 15,202 breeding pairs.  During

Characteristics of eddies shed from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Poster Number:  299 Presenter/Primary Author:  Nicole Couto Winter temperatures in the western Antarctic peninsula (WAP) region are the fastest-warming temperatures on Earth, however understanding the heat sources driving the rise in temperatures remains an

Long-term Changes in Zooplankton Community Structure along the West Antarctic Peninsula

Poster Number:  298 Presenter/Primary Author:  Deborah Steinberg The West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) is one of the most rapidly warming regions on Earth, and where a high apex predator biomass is supported in large part by macrozooplankton.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER