Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Population dynamics of reintroduced Gunnison’s prairie dogs in a semi-arid grassland environment Mike Friggens SEV Site Science 08/31/12 342
Iron redox cycling: unexplored mechanisms for soil organic matter decomposition Whendee Silver LUQ Site Science 08/31/12 341
Cover Crops Have the Greatest Influence on Belowground Ecosystem Processes Along a Gradient of Cropping System Diversity Brendan O'Neill KBS Site Science 08/31/12 340
Nitrogen addition modulates the response of Hydrolithon onkodes to ocean acidification Robert Carpenter MCR Site Science 08/31/12 339
Management Intensity and Litter Chemistry Interact to Determine Microarthropod Succession Patterns during Decomposition Kyle Wickings KBS Site Science 08/31/12 338
Regional Consequences of Changing Climate-Disturbance Interactions for the Resilience of Alaska's Boreal Forest Roger Ruess BNZ Site Science 08/31/12 337
Life in Brown Waters: Aquatic Bacteria Respond to Increased Terrestrial Carbon Loading Mario Muscarella KBS Site Science 08/31/12 336
Evidence for species-specific nutrient limitation of growth efficiency in northern hardwoods Shinjini Goswami HBR Site Science 08/31/12 335
Assessing Ecosystem Sensitivity to Chronic Resource Alterations: A Synthesis of Long-term Experiments Melinda Smith KNZ Cross-site Science 08/31/12 334
Response of rangeland grasshopper communities to cattle and prairie dog grazing Sean Hauser SGS Site Science 08/31/12 333
Nutrient Network Observational Studies: How to Get a Big Bang for Your Research Buck Cynthia Brown SGS Cross-site Science 08/30/12 332
Microbial functional response to altered precipitation timing and duration – implications for the soil carbon cycle Lydia Zeglin KNZ Site Science 08/30/12 331
Changes in crop productivity as a result of shallow groundwater, Yahara Watershed, Wisconsin Samuel Zipper NTL Site Science 08/30/12 330
The Science of Water Art: A Citizen Science Project Holly Vins CAP Site Science 08/30/12 329
Adélie Penguin Colony Size and Local Population Extinction: A Predation-Induced Tipping Point William Fraser PAL Site Science 08/30/12 328
Effects of forest disturbances on stream nitrate concentrations in sites participating in StreamChemDB Alba Argerich AND Cross-site Science 08/30/12 327
Critical Zone Observatories and the Site Seeker Tim Wjote Other Cross-site Science 08/30/12 326
The relationships between SOM quality and decomposition across a gradient of increasing shrub abundance in the Alaskan Arctic Jennie DeMarco ARC Site Science 08/30/12 325
Climate drivers of Spartina marsh production on the Georgia coast Kazimierz Wieski GCE Site Science 08/30/12 324
Modeling The Production of Salt Marsh Grasses Adrian Burd GCE Site Science 08/30/12 323
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER