Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Beyond beach width - integrating ecological zones and function of sandy beach ecosystems Jenifer Dugan SBC Site Science 08/28/12 302
Putting the “long term” in the LTERs: History in and of the LTER network Anita Guerrini Other Cross-site Science 08/28/12 301
Physical and biogeochemical patterns in a saltmarsh/river system (Duplin River, GA) Charles Schutte GCE Site Science 08/28/12 300
Characteristics of eddies shed from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nicole Couto PAL Site Science 08/28/12 299
Long-term Changes in Zooplankton Community Structure along the West Antarctic Peninsula Deborah Steinberg PAL Site Science 08/28/12 298
The Chemical Properties of Alaskan Permafrost and Seasonally Thawed Soils Jessica Ernakovich ARC Site Science 08/28/12 297
Sevilleta Schoolyard LTER and the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Partnering environmental education, ecosystem monitoring, and stewardship of the Middle Rio Grande riparian forest Kim Eichhorst SEV Site Science 08/28/12 296
Long-term dynamics of plant species richness due to fertilization are explained by dominance of one functional group Tim Dickson KBS Site Science 08/28/12 295
Influence of stoichiometry and suburbanization on in-stream uptake of NH4 and PO4 in headwater, New England streams Nat Morse PIE Site Science 08/28/12 294
Local-scale plant species richness and the regional species pool Kevin Wilcox KNZ Cross-site Science 08/28/12 293
Urban land-use institutions and parcel-scale change in Phoenix, Arizona, 1915-2012 Joseph Tuccillo CAP Site Science 08/28/12 292
Fine Root Production and Belowground Soil Processes Across a Dryland Ecotone Brenda Nieto JRN Site Science 08/28/12 291
Mismatched breeding phenology of a North American migratory songbird is adaptive Nina Lany HBR Site Science 08/28/12 290
Long term assessment of nitrogen cycling and harmful algal blooms in Lake Mendota, WI, USA Lucas Beversdorf NTL Site Science 08/28/12 289
The community context of adaptation to environmental change Elizabeth Kleynhans CDR Site Science 08/27/12 288
Plant Community Succession on Drying Lakes in the Yukon Flats, Alaska Mark Winterstein BNZ None 08/27/12 287
Assessment of diatom assemblages in a subtropical karstic wetland: ecosystem-scale inference models and trajectory analysis Sylvia Lee FCE Site Science 08/27/12 286
Identifying Seasonal Water Patterns in Coastal Mangroves from Space David Lagomasino FCE Site Science 08/27/12 285
The impacts of changes in snowfall on soil greenhouse gas emissions using an automated chamber system Kevin Kahmark KBS Site Science 08/27/12 284
Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research Program: Overview of FCE III Evelyn Gaiser FCE Site Description 08/27/12 283
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER