Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
The DIRT on Q10: Differential temperature response of soils depleted of labile inputs Lorien Reynolds AND Site Science 08/23/12 262
A metacommunity approach to urban plant community assembly Anna Johnson BES Site Science 08/22/12 261
Global Change Effects on Alpine Microbial Communities and Nitrogen Cycling Emily Farrer NWT Site Science 08/22/12 260
Comparison of in-situ methods to measure N mineralization rates in forest soils Peter Groffman HBR Site Science 08/22/12 259
Soil biogeochemical processes in hydropedologic units in a northern hardwood forest Peter Groffman HBR Site Science 08/22/12 258
Photo-oxidation of soot black carbon in central Arizona George Hamilton CAP Site Science 08/22/12 257
Legacy effects of an ecosystem stress experiment on a shortgrass-steppe consumer community Paul Stapp SGS Site Science 08/22/12 256
Long-Term Ecological Research on Colorado Shortgrass Steppe John Moore SGS Site Description 08/22/12 255
Earthworms effects on soil respiration in a sub-tropical wet forest in Puerto Rico Grizelle Gonzalez LUQ Site Science 08/22/12 254
How invaded is our lakescape?: Systematic surveys indicate biases in existing invasion records Alexander Latzka NTL Site Science 08/21/12 253
Plant community changes and related nutrient retention within an aridland constructed wastewater treatment wetland Nicholas Weller CAP Site Science 08/21/12 252
Large scale forcing through the Antarctic food web: Physical drivers of the interannual variability at Palmer Station, Antarctica Grace Saba PAL Site Science 08/21/12 251
The Watershed Approach in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study Peter Groffman BES Site Science 08/21/12 250
Ecological Homogenization of Urban America Peter Groffman BES Cross-site Science 08/21/12 249
Organic matter contribution and decomposition by ectomycorrhizal fungi in response to chronic nitrogen deposition in a temperate mixed-hardwood forest Jesse Sadowsky HFR Site Science 08/20/12 248
Patterns of soil properties and respiration along an elevation gradient in the Luquillo Mountains of Northeastern Puerto Rico Dingfang Chen LUQ Site Science 08/20/12 247
Carbon allocation and soil microbes explain plant response to N deposition Emily Farrer NWT Site Science 08/20/12 246
Soil animal community structuring along an LTER cross-site moisture gradient Zach Sylvain MCM Cross-site Science 08/20/12 245
The impact of stormwater control structures on N fluxes in a coastal watershed. Neil Bettez BES Site Science 08/20/12 244
Can urban trees help protect our lakes and streams? Daniel Nidzgorski CDR Site Science 08/19/12 243
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER