Colorado mountains


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Complex Mountain Landscapes RCN-SEES: Advancing our social and environmental understanding of complex mountain landscapes and their vulnerability to environmental change.

Poster Number:  369 Presenter/Primary Author:  Arthur McKee Mountain-valley environments are complex landscapes characterized by steep biophysical gradients with many areas experiencing profound socioeconomic transitions such as rapid population growth and

The Drupal Ecological Information Management System

Poster Number:  363 Presenter/Primary Author:  Inigo San Gil We introduce the Drupal ecological Information Management System (DEIMS).  Seven LTER sites are using a common framework to deploy a Information Management System based on the popular Drupal C

Critical Zone Observatories and the Site Seeker

Poster Number:  326 Presenter/Primary Author:  Tim Wjote The Critical Zone encompasses the terrestrial Earth extending from the top of the vegetation canopy down to and including the zone of freely circulating groundwater.

Putting the “long term” in the LTERs: History in and of the LTER network

Poster Number:  301 Presenter/Primary Author:  Anita Guerrini The emphasis on coupled human-natural systems has opened new possibilities for collaboration with the humanities at many sites in the LTER system.

Altitudinal gradient of dissolved organic carbon in headwater streams of the Wuyi Mountains in China

Poster Number:  272 Presenter/Primary Author:  honghua ruan Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in stream water is positively correlated with soil organic carbon (SOC) at regional scales in which climate and vegetation are relatively invariant.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER