Colorado mountains

Student Posters

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Riparian Nitrogen Dynamics in Tropical Forest Groundwaters: A Challenge to Our Understanding of Near-Stream Ecosystem Function Richard Brereton LUQ Site Science 09/10/12 402
Testing effects of water stresses and herbivory on habitat differentiation among diverse willow communities in central Minnesota Xiaojing Wei CDR Site Science 09/09/12 401
Physical Context in the California Current Ecosystem: Mesoscale Front during E-Front Study Alain De Verneil CCE Site Science 09/09/12 400
Spatial and inter-annual variability of net community productivity in the western Antarctica Peninsula region Kuan Huang PAL Site Science 09/07/12 399
Microstegium vimineum is associated with changes in nitrogen availability and fluxes across a broad landscape Tara Ursell CWT Site Science 09/06/12 397
Examining the mechanistic basis of summer nitrate peaks: a coupled biogeochemical and hydrological approach Jonathan Duncan BES Site Science 09/05/12 389
Photochemical Degradation of Strong Natural Iron-Binding Ligands in the California Current Ecosystem Randelle Bundy CCE Site Science 09/05/12 388
A proposed cross-site comparison of missing data in long-term hydrologic datasets Craig See HBR Cross-site Science 09/04/12 385
Nitrous Oxide Fluxes As a Function of Diffusion and Profile Concentrations in the Upper Meter of an Agricultural Soil Iurii Shcherbak KBS Site Science 09/03/12 382
Detecting the sensitivity of desert herbaceous plant responses to co-occurring atmospheric compounds Elizabeth Cook CAP Site Science 09/01/12 379
Coordinating Farm Management to Expand Provision of Ecosystem Services Leah Harris Palm-... KBS Site Science 09/01/12 378
Using Narrative to Develop Environmental Empathy: Stories About Polar Regions in the LTER Schoolyard Book Series Alex Mass MCM Site Science 09/01/12 372
Variation in copepod egg production rate across spatial gradients in the California Current Ecosystem Catherine Nickels CCE Site Science 09/01/12 371
Effects of increased snow on growth response and allocation patterns of arctic plants Claire Addis ARC Site Science 09/01/12 368
Investigating ecological function of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) communities present in KBS-LTER agronomic treatment soils under low nutrient and drought conditions. Brad Gottshall KBS Site Science 09/01/12 367
Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland system in Phoenix, AZ Jorge Ramos CAP Site Science 09/01/12 365
Establishment and persistence of macroalgal phase shifts Samantha Davis MCR Site Science 08/31/12 361
Quantifying the physiology of structurally complex arctic vegetation and implications for ecosystem function in a shrubbier tundra Adam Formica ARC Site Science 08/31/12 358
No fertilization effects on soil respiration and root respiration in northern hardwoods of New Hampshire. Kikang Bae HBR Site Science 08/31/12 355
Exploring C substrate and soil moisture effects on bacterial diversity through 13C- and 18O-DNA stable isotope probing in polar deserts Sabrina Saurey MCM Site Science 08/31/12 354
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER