Colorado mountains


Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Poster Number:  384 Presenter/Primary Author:  David Tilman The Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve (CCESR)—formerly the Cedar Creek Natural History Area—is a renowned ecological research and education facility located in central Minnesota, approximately

The community context of adaptation to environmental change

Poster Number:  288 Presenter/Primary Author:  Elizabeth Kleynhans The ability of a species to evolve to match environmental conditions is a well-known phenomenon.

Can urban trees help protect our lakes and streams?

Poster Number:  243 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel Nidzgorski From New York City to Los Angeles, cities throughout the United States are aiming for the “Million Trees” mark and expanding their urban forests.  Urban trees are known to enhance human well-b

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER