Colorado mountains

Population Studies

Effects of residential development on breeding bird communities and habitats in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains

Poster Number:  125 Presenter/Primary Author:  Scott Pearson Residential development is a leading force of landscape change in Southern Appalachia.  Housing construction alters the abundance and spatial distribution of habitat, and these changes will fa

Altered bacterial community structure of Chronic N-amended soils of hardwood stand at Harvard Forest, MA, USA

Poster Number:  123 Presenter/Primary Author:  Rakesh Minocha At the Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA, the impact of twenty years of annual ammonium nitrate application on the forest soil bacterial communities was studied using pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes.

Gracilaria vermiculophylla in the Virginia coastal bays: Effects of a non-native macroalga on nitrogen dynamics, trophic cascades, and public health

Poster Number:  119 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dana Gulbransen Gracilaria vermiculophylla is a cryptic, invasive red macroalga that is native to Southeast Asia and has invaded many temperate estuaries in North America and Europe.

Evaluation of Southern Ocean O2/Ar-based Net Community Production (NCP) Measurements

Poster Number:  87 Presenter/Primary Author:  Scott Doney Sea-air biological O2 flux assessed from measurements of surface O2 supersaturation in excess of that of Ar is used commonly to constrain net community production (NCP) in the

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER