Colorado mountains

Biological Diversity

Where the LTER Network meets the Genomics Standards Consortium

Poster Number:  362 Presenter/Primary Author:  Inigo San Gil The Genomics Standards Consortium (GSC) creates and disseminates metadata and data standards that facilitate data interoperability through a collaborative process amongst its stakeholders.  No

The effects of surrounding habitat on plant, pollinator, and plant-pollinator interaction richness and abundance

Poster Number:  352 Presenter/Primary Author:  Vera Pfeiffer Montane meadows comprise less than 5% of the landscape of the western Cascades of Oregon, but they provide habitat for diverse species of plants and pollinators.

Long-term dynamics of plant species richness due to fertilization are explained by dominance of one functional group

Poster Number:  295 Presenter/Primary Author:  Tim Dickson Nutrient deposition is viewed as a global threat to plant biodiversity because nutrient addition can quickly decrease plant species richness.  However, fertilization took 14 years to significa

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