Colorado mountains


Spatial and temporal variability in soil CO2 fluxes during the snow covered season on Niwot Ridge

Poster Number:  316 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel Liptzin Until recently, microbial activity in seasonally snow covered ecosystems was thought to be limited during the snow-covered season.  However, in the last decade many studies have shown that the

Seasonal changes in open water area in the vicinity of penguin colonies near Palmer Station, northwestern Antarctic Peninsula

Poster Number:  266 Presenter/Primary Author:  Sharon Stammerjohn The sea ice season in the western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) region shows some of the fastest rates of change observed globally since 1979.  The Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research (PAL LTER)

Projecting Lake-Level Rise from Airborne LiDAR and Climate Models in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

Poster Number:  202 Presenter/Primary Author:  Maciek Obryk The McMurdo Dry Valleys (approximately 77°45ˈS, 162°E) is the largest ice-free valley system in Antarctica with a cold, hyper-arid climate and mean valley bottom temperatures ranging from -14.8

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER