Colorado mountains

Population Studies

Viral dynamics and impacts on the permanently ice-covered McMurdo Dry Valley lakes

Poster Number:  64 Presenter/Primary Author:  Katherina Hell The perennially ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys are microbially dominated systems lacking a complex food-web.

Plant host effects on soil bacterial community diversity, nutrient characteristics, and microbial antagonistic phenotypes depend on plant community diversity.

Poster Number:  62 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dan Schlatter While both plant host and community diversity have been shown to influence soil microbial communities, there is little understanding of how microbial communities may vary in association with the sa

Responses of Reef Fish Communities to Large-Scale Habitat Perturbations

Poster Number:  59 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrew Brooks Our ability to predict how communities of coral reef fishes will change in response to habitat alteration depends strongly on understanding the functional relationships of component species with li

Spring Phenology of Aquatic Emergence and Terrestrial Insect Activity in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon, USA

Poster Number:  38 Presenter/Primary Author:  Christina Murphy We have been studying emerging aquatic and flying terrestrial insect activity as part of a cross-taxa phenology study at the H.J.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER