Colorado mountains

Population Studies

Resilience of Pacific Staghorn Coral is governed by a fish

Poster Number:  205 Presenter/Primary Author:  Russell Schmitt Thicket-forming staghorn corals provide essential habitat for fishes and invertebrates on tropical reefs worldwide, but they are highly vulnerable to disturbances.

Resource allocation among arctic char in closed arctic lakes:

Poster Number:  196 Presenter/Primary Author:  Phaedra Budy In closed arctic lakes, we observe a strong cycle in population structure in arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) while population abundance remains generally stable.  We hypothesized this cycle w

Calcium-amended soils exhibit altered bacterial community structure at Hubbard brook experimental forest (HBEF), USA

Poster Number:  179 Presenter/Primary Author:  Swathi Turlapati Soil Ca depletion due to acidic deposition related soil chemistry changes has led to the decline of forest productivity and carbon sequestration in the northeastern USA.

Nonnative Fishes in Freshwater Canals of the Florida Everglades: Implications for Management

Poster Number:  177 Presenter/Primary Author:  David Gandy Nonnative species pose a serious threat to the ecological integrity and biodiversity of natural ecosystems, including those found within protected areas.

Tallgrass prairie recovery following persistent grazing depends on response measured

Poster Number:  168 Presenter/Primary Author:  Ben VanderWeide The dynamics of tallgrass prairie plant communities have historically been driven by the interacting effects of grazing by large ungulate herbivores, frequent fire, and a variable mid-continental c

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