Colorado mountains

Movement of Organic Matter

Photochemical Degradation of Strong Natural Iron-Binding Ligands in the California Current Ecosystem

Poster Number:  388 Presenter/Primary Author:  Randelle Bundy The speciation of iron has been shown to be significantly affected by photochemical processes in the surface ocean, altering both the redox state and organic complexation of iron.

Does Crop Rotation Influence Soil Microbial Function?

Poster Number:  344 Presenter/Primary Author:  Marshall McDaniel Crop rotations, which increase plant diversity through time, are considered key to sustainable agroecosystem management.  Crop rotations have been shown to alter soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (

Cover Crops Have the Greatest Influence on Belowground Ecosystem Processes Along a Gradient of Cropping System Diversity

Poster Number:  340 Presenter/Primary Author:  Brendan O'Neill Row crop agriculture dominates most of the landscape of the U.S. upper mid-west, and along with constant pressure to increase production are calls to reduce inputs harmful to air, soil and water.

Life in Brown Waters: Aquatic Bacteria Respond to Increased Terrestrial Carbon Loading

Poster Number:  336 Presenter/Primary Author:  Mario Muscarella Bacteria are vital for the functioning of natural and managed ecosystems due to their role in biogeochemical processes; however, it is unclear how bacteria will respond to environmental changes.

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