Colorado mountains

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Comparison of chamber and eddy covariance CH4 fluxes using a new “open path” gas analyzer

Poster Number:  109 Presenter/Primary Author:  Terenzio Zenone Traditional measurements of CH4 fluxes are made with static chamber techniques and/or with closed-path eddy covariance (EC) systems.

Recovery from chronic and snowmelt acidification at Hubbard Brook: Long-term trends in stream and soil water chemistry

Poster Number:  89 Presenter/Primary Author:  Colin Fuss We investigated long-term chemistry trends in streamwater (1982-2011) and soil water (1984-2011) along an elevation gradient to evaluate the progress of recovery from the effects of acidic depositi

Evaluation of Southern Ocean O2/Ar-based Net Community Production (NCP) Measurements

Poster Number:  87 Presenter/Primary Author:  Scott Doney Sea-air biological O2 flux assessed from measurements of surface O2 supersaturation in excess of that of Ar is used commonly to constrain net community production (NCP) in the

Microbial Ecology of the WAP Continental Shelf Region

Poster Number:  68 Presenter/Primary Author:  Hugh Ducklow We present results from a large data set (N=5427 individual measurements at 449 stations, 2003-2012) on bacterial abundance and production and related hydrographic properties collected on ten, regi

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER