Colorado mountains

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Organic matter contribution and decomposition by ectomycorrhizal fungi in response to chronic nitrogen deposition in a temperate mixed-hardwood forest

Poster Number:  248 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jesse Sadowsky Ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi comprise a large proportion of total soil microbial biomass, contribute belowground inputs as mycelia that may equal or surpass those of roots, and secrete enzymes that

The impact of stormwater control structures on N fluxes in a coastal watershed.

Poster Number:  244 Presenter/Primary Author:  Neil Bettez Humans have significantly altered the landscape in urban areas resulting in increased volume and velocity of runoff following precipitation events.

Towards Closing Watershed Nitrogen Budgets: Incorporating Spatial and Temporal Scaling of Denitrification

Poster Number:  240 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jonathan Duncan Closing the nitrogen budget is a major scientific challenge at multiple scales. One of the largest sources of uncertainty is the amount lost via denitrification.

Understanding variation in zooplankton communities among alpine kettle ponds within the Niwot Ridge LTER

Poster Number:  231 Presenter/Primary Author:  Courtney Currier Variation in zooplankton assemblages may reflect large-scale shifts in aquatic communities following changes to the biotic and abiotic environment.

Expanding observations of mixing in Toolik Lake with the North American Regional Reanalysis

Poster Number:  230 Presenter/Primary Author:  bemery The ecology of Toolik lake depends ultimately on the the properties which govern nutrients, light and primary production.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER