Colorado mountains

Core Research Areas

How do arctic shrub canopies respond to changes in the diffuse light fraction of solar radiation?

Poster Number:  192 Presenter/Primary Author:  Laura Van Der Pol The aim of this study is to understand how tall (>50cm) arctic shrub canopies, such as those dominated by the shrub species Betula nana and Salix pulchra, function under differ

Examining nutrient co-limitation in northern hardwood forests

Poster Number:  190 Presenter/Primary Author:  Melany Fisk Recent meta- analyses reveal that ecosystem productivity is often co-limited by nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).

Implications of diel fluctuations in streamflow on stream metabolism

Poster Number:  180 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alba Argerich Stream metabolic activity (e.g., respiration, primary production, or nutrient uptake) is highly influenced by hydrologic conditions, not only because they determine the supply rate of reactive solu

Nitrate on Steroids: Evaluating the Contribution of Talus Streams, Rock Glaciers, and Other High Alpine Sources to a Headwater Stream in the Colorado Front Range

Poster Number:  164 Presenter/Primary Author:  Katya Hafich High elevation ecosystems throughout the Colorado Front Range are undergoing changes in biogeochemical cycling due to an increase in nitrogen deposition in precipitation and a changing climate, res

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER