Colorado mountains

Primary Production

Seasonal metabolic rates in restored eelgrass meadows measured with the eddy correlation technique

Poster Number:  97 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jennie Rheuban Seagrass meadows provide numerous ecosystem services such as increasing water quality, providing habitats for organisms, and sequestering organic matter.

Classification of salt marsh vegetation using edaphic and remote sensing-derived variables

Poster Number:  77 Presenter/Primary Author:  Christine Hladik Salt marshes are well known for their striking macrophyte zonation patterns.  Although many variables affect species distribution, soil salinity and waterlogging have been shown to be two of t

Object-Oriented Land-Cover Mapping of CAP-LTER using High Resolution Aerial Orthophotography

Poster Number:  74 Presenter/Primary Author:  Xiaoxiao Li High spatial resolution imagery is useful for a variety of research endeavors undertaken by the CAP-LTER. Parts of the site have been assessed using expensive QuikBird data.

Microbial Ecology of the WAP Continental Shelf Region

Poster Number:  68 Presenter/Primary Author:  Hugh Ducklow We present results from a large data set (N=5427 individual measurements at 449 stations, 2003-2012) on bacterial abundance and production and related hydrographic properties collected on ten, regi

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER