Colorado mountains

Pattern and control of organic matter accumulation in surface layers and sediments

The entire ecosystem relies on the recycling of organic matter (and the nutrients it contains), including dead plants, animals, and other organisms. Decomposition of organic matter and its movement through the ecosystem is an important component of the food web.

Photochemical Degradation of Strong Natural Iron-Binding Ligands in the California Current Ecosystem

Poster Number:  388 Presenter/Primary Author:  Randelle Bundy The speciation of iron has been shown to be significantly affected by photochemical processes in the surface ocean, altering both the redox state and organic complexation of iron.

Iron redox cycling: unexplored mechanisms for soil organic matter decomposition

Poster Number:  341 Presenter/Primary Author:  Whendee Silver Iron (Fe) oxide minerals have long been known to protect soil organic carbon (C) from microbial decomposition, especially in humid tropical soils abundant in both Fe and C.

Life in Brown Waters: Aquatic Bacteria Respond to Increased Terrestrial Carbon Loading

Poster Number:  336 Presenter/Primary Author:  Mario Muscarella Bacteria are vital for the functioning of natural and managed ecosystems due to their role in biogeochemical processes; however, it is unclear how bacteria will respond to environmental changes.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER