Colorado mountains

Primary Production

Tallgrass prairie recovery following persistent grazing depends on response measured

Poster Number:  168 Presenter/Primary Author:  Ben VanderWeide The dynamics of tallgrass prairie plant communities have historically been driven by the interacting effects of grazing by large ungulate herbivores, frequent fire, and a variable mid-continental c

Phenology of belowground carbon allocation in a mid-latitude forest

Poster Number:  160 Presenter/Primary Author:  Rose Abramoff Annual forest productivity and carbon storage are affected by the amount and timing of carbon allocated belowground. Despite clear relationships between some climate factors (e.g.

Soil Water and Temperature Explain Canopy Phenology and Greenness on the Shortgrass Steppe

Poster Number:  105 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lynn Moore Primary production in the shortgrass steppe is positively related to precipitation, but the influence of temperature is dependent on precipitation and the combined effects determine water availabil

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER