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Climate drivers of Spartina marsh production on the Georgia coast

Poster Number:  324 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kazimierz Wieski Global climate changes are altering functioning of the earth’s ecosystems. Tidal saltmarshes are threatened by sea level rise and changes in weather patterns.

Modeling The Production of Salt Marsh Grasses

Poster Number:  323 Presenter/Primary Author:  Adrian Burd Salt marsh grass species change as one moves from high marsh areas to low marsh areas. This is a result of many factors including light, salinity and nutrient availability.

The roles of crabs in forming tidal creeks in sinking salt marshes

Poster Number:  311 Presenter/Primary Author:  Huy Vu Salt marshes provide many ecosystem services, but are threatened by sea-level rise (SLR).

Physical and biogeochemical patterns in a saltmarsh/river system (Duplin River, GA)

Poster Number:  300 Presenter/Primary Author:  Charles Schutte Salt marshes are among the most productive habitats on Earth, and constitute a critical interface between the land and the sea.

Drivers of groundwater flow at a back barrier island – marsh transect

Poster Number:  278 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jonathan Ledoux Groundwater plays an important role in coastal regions by delivering nutrients to near shore and salt marsh environments.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER