Colorado mountains

Primary Production

Investigations of frond and blade lifetime in giant kelp

Poster Number:  224 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gabe Rodriguez Temporal variation in primary producer biomass has profound effects on the structure and function of the surrounding ecological community.

How do arctic shrub canopies respond to changes in the diffuse light fraction of solar radiation?

Poster Number:  192 Presenter/Primary Author:  Laura Van Der Pol The aim of this study is to understand how tall (>50cm) arctic shrub canopies, such as those dominated by the shrub species Betula nana and Salix pulchra, function under differ

Climate induced shifts in the phytoplankton community biomass and community structure along the West Antarctic Peninsula

Poster Number:  186 Presenter/Primary Author:  Oscar Schofield The West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) is experiencing some of the most rapid climate change on Earth as evidenced by the fastest winter warming on the planet, dramatic declines in sea ice, and documen

Implications of diel fluctuations in streamflow on stream metabolism

Poster Number:  180 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alba Argerich Stream metabolic activity (e.g., respiration, primary production, or nutrient uptake) is highly influenced by hydrologic conditions, not only because they determine the supply rate of reactive solu

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER