Colorado mountains

Primary Production

Climate drivers of Spartina marsh production on the Georgia coast

Poster Number:  324 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kazimierz Wieski Global climate changes are altering functioning of the earth’s ecosystems. Tidal saltmarshes are threatened by sea level rise and changes in weather patterns.

Modeling The Production of Salt Marsh Grasses

Poster Number:  323 Presenter/Primary Author:  Adrian Burd Salt marsh grass species change as one moves from high marsh areas to low marsh areas. This is a result of many factors including light, salinity and nutrient availability.

Microbial mat nutrient storage in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Poster Number:  321 Presenter/Primary Author:  Tyler Kohler Microbial mats from Antarctic Dry Valley streams are important nutrient and carbon subsidies to Dry Valley lakes and soils, either transported by wind or flow.

Fungal and bacterial pathways along a gradient of climate and productivity

Poster Number:  319 Presenter/Primary Author:  Samantha Colby A primary distinction among soil food webs is based on fungal versus bacterial pathways of decomposition; these are expected to differ between meadows and forests.

Effect of Sargassum pacificum on the calcification of juvenile Porites rus in elevated CO2 conditions

Poster Number:  309 Presenter/Primary Author:  Heather Hillard Ocean acidification (OA), the decrease in the pH and carbonate ion concentration due to the uptake of anthropogenic CO2, poses a severe threat to coral reefs worldwide as studies predict

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER