Colorado mountains

Trace Gas Fluxes

Nitrous Oxide Fluxes As a Function of Diffusion and Profile Concentrations in the Upper Meter of an Agricultural Soil

Poster Number:  382 Presenter/Primary Author:  Iurii Shcherbak Nitrous oxide (N2O) production in arable soils is a major part of agricultural GHG emissions but not much is known about subsurface sources of N2O.

Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland system in Phoenix, AZ

Poster Number:  365 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jorge Ramos Wetlands support ecological functions that result in valuable services to society, including the purification of water through processes such as denitrification, plant uptake, and soil retention.

Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research Program: Overview of FCE III

Poster Number:  283 Presenter/Primary Author:  Evelyn Gaiser The Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) site is located in South Florida, where the expansive coastal Everglades wilderness interacts with an urban and agricultural


Towards Closing Watershed Nitrogen Budgets: Incorporating Spatial and Temporal Scaling of Denitrification

Poster Number:  240 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jonathan Duncan Closing the nitrogen budget is a major scientific challenge at multiple scales. One of the largest sources of uncertainty is the amount lost via denitrification.

Separate Effects of Flooding and Anoxia on Soil Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Poster Number:  229 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gavin McNicol Soils are large sources of atmospheric greenhouse gases, and their magnitude and composition is strongly controlled by soil redox conditions.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER