Colorado mountains


Effects of increased snow on growth response and allocation patterns of arctic plants

Poster Number:  368 Presenter/Primary Author:  Claire Addis Warming in the Arctic has led to an increase in shrub cover on the tundra and has been well documented in arctic Alaska.

Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research Program: Overview of FCE III

Poster Number:  283 Presenter/Primary Author:  Evelyn Gaiser The Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) site is located in South Florida, where the expansive coastal Everglades wilderness interacts with an urban and agricultural


Soil Water and Temperature Explain Canopy Phenology and Greenness on the Shortgrass Steppe

Poster Number:  105 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lynn Moore Primary production in the shortgrass steppe is positively related to precipitation, but the influence of temperature is dependent on precipitation and the combined effects determine water availabil

Plant Community Establishment in Restoration: Effects of Seed Source Across Reciprocal Common Gardens in Three States

Poster Number:  8 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel L. Carter Humankind is undertaking an unprecedented manipulation of the globe's climate, land cover, and species distributions.

Foundation species in North American forests

Working Group Reports Final reports:  ASM foundation species workshop - final report.pdf Participant list:  Workshop Participant names.docx Fondation species are species that define ecosystem structure, exert strong bottom-up control on distribution and abundance of associated species, and modulate fluxes of nutrients and energy. Session:  Working Group Session 6 - Thursday Working Group Session 7 - Thursday Room Assignment:  Longs Peak - Diamond East (125)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER