Colorado mountains

Population Biology

Population, Community, and Metacommunity Dynamics of Terrestrial Gastropods in the Luquillo Mountains: A Gradient Perspective

Poster Number:  210 Presenter/Primary Author:  Michael Willig Elevational variation in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico creates strong environmental gradients that affect the abundance and distribution of species.  Moreover, the geographic mappings

Resilience of Pacific Staghorn Coral is governed by a fish

Poster Number:  205 Presenter/Primary Author:  Russell Schmitt Thicket-forming staghorn corals provide essential habitat for fishes and invertebrates on tropical reefs worldwide, but they are highly vulnerable to disturbances.

Long-term population dynamics of exotic species: a cross-site multi-species investigation

Working Group Reports Final reports:  Working group report.docx Participant list:  Participant list.docx The population dynamics of introduced species may dictate trends in those species' impacts on invaded ecosystems and societies.  For instance, if there are lags in the population growth of an Session:  Working Group Session 3 Tuesday Working Group Session 4 Tuesday Room Assignment:  Eastside - Rainbow Fireside (75)

Responses of Reef Fish Communities to Large-Scale Habitat Perturbations

Poster Number:  59 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrew Brooks Our ability to predict how communities of coral reef fishes will change in response to habitat alteration depends strongly on understanding the functional relationships of component species with li

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