Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Numbersort icon
Moss nutrient plasticity in desert ecosystems: a hot - cold desert comparison Becky Ball CAP Cross-site Science 06/15/12 1
Maximizing Arid Land Urban Park Ecosystem Services: A framework for Urban Planning & Design Dorothy Ibes CAP Site Science 06/21/12 2
Black widows in an urban desert: the behavior, ecology, and evolution of an urban pest James Johnson CAP Site Science 06/21/12 3
Spatial interactions among multiple ecosystem services in an urbanizing agricultural landscape in the Upper Midwest Jiangxiao Qiu NTL Site Science 06/23/12 4
Time series of vertical flux of zooplankton fecal pellets on the continental shelf of the Western Antarctic Peninsula Miram Gleiber PAL Site Science 06/25/12 5
Effects of interannual precipitation variability on aboveground net primary production in the Chihuahuan desert Laureano Gherardi JRN Site Science 06/25/12 6
Consumer distribution and diversity affects prairie stream ecosystem properties Erika Martin KNZ Site Science 06/26/12 7
Plant Community Establishment in Restoration: Effects of Seed Source Across Reciprocal Common Gardens in Three States Daniel L. Carter KNZ Site Science 06/26/12 8
Urban Heat Island Unit: Linking Science, Engineering and Society Monica Elser CAP Site Science 06/26/12 9
Long-term forb dynamics in semi-arid grasslands of the northern Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico, USA. John Mulhouse SEV Site Science 06/27/12 10
Soil nitrogen dynamics during snow melt in moist acidic tussock tundra soils Anthony Darrouzet... ARC Site Science 06/27/12 11
Evidence for multiple pathways in old field succession? Adam Clark CDR Site Science 06/29/12 12
Effects of riparian forest removal on macroinvertebrate functional structure and production along tallgrass prairie streams. Jodi Vandermyde KNZ Site Science 06/30/12 13
The effects of hemlock removal on rodent community composition in New England forests Allyson Degrassi HFR Site Science 07/01/12 14
Long term, cross-site comparison of socioecological preferences and constraints on unauthorized fire setting behavior using spatiotemporal variability of wildfires in and around the Coweeta and Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER sites, 1987-2010. Michael Coughlan CWT Cross-site Science 07/02/12 15
A modeling approach to couple leaf decomposition and nutrient dynamics in forested headwater streams Laurence Lin CWT Site Science 07/02/12 16
Drivers of Grassland Invertebrate Community Structure: Effects of Soil Nutrient Availability and Vertebrate Herbivores on Invertebrate Resource Limitation Kimberly La Pierre KNZ Cross-site Science 07/02/12 17
How does precipitation control primary production at Jornada Basin LTER? Jin Yao JRN Site Science 07/02/12 18
Greenfall production by animals in the Chihuahuan Desert influences decomposition by altering litter quality and distribution Jane G. Smith JRN Site Science 07/03/12 19
Management of social-ecological systems experiencing rapid residential development for human land use and bird conservation Paige Barlow CWT Site Science 07/03/12 20
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER