Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Coastal Dispersal in the Southern California Bight Leonel Romero SBC Site Science 08/13/12 203
Experimental Macroecology: Effects of Temperature on Biodiversity Robert Waide SEV Cross-site Science 09/04/12 387
Non-linear nitrous oxide (N2O) response to N fertilizer during switchgrass establishment Leilei Ruan KBS Site Science 08/29/12 317
20-Years of Hyporheic Research at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest Steve Wondzell AND Site Science 08/16/12 232
A dynamical model for the coupled¬ evolution of channels and tidal flats Giulio Mariotti VCR Site Science 08/19/12 241
A Laboratory Comparison of Two Minirhizotrons for Measuring Fine Root Turnover: The CID Bio-Science, Inc. CI-600 and RhizoSystems, LLC AMR-A Minirhizotrons Joshua Roberti Other Cross-site Science 07/26/12 76
A long-term ecological study site for urban watershed in China Shen Yu ILTER Site Science 08/15/12 225
A metacommunity approach to urban plant community assembly Anna Johnson BES Site Science 08/22/12 261
A modeling approach to couple leaf decomposition and nutrient dynamics in forested headwater streams Laurence Lin CWT Site Science 07/02/12 16
A proposed cross-site comparison of missing data in long-term hydrologic datasets Craig See HBR Cross-site Science 09/04/12 385
A southern hemisphere observatory – building on seventy five years of environmental data Nicky Allsopp ILTER Site Science 07/31/12 116
A tale of two fishes: using recreational angler records to examine the link between fish catches and freshwater inflows in a subtropical mangrove estuary Ross Boucek FCE Site Science 08/03/12 166
Aboveground and Belowground Responses to Nutrient Additions and Herbivore Exclusion in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems in Northern Alaska John Moore ARC Site Science 08/24/12 265
Adélie Penguin Colony Size and Local Population Extinction: A Predation-Induced Tipping Point William Fraser PAL Site Science 08/30/12 328
Alpine grasslands in LTER Slovakia – air pollution and climate in focus Lubos Halada ILTER Site Science 09/01/12 366
Alpine plant community response to long-term moisture and nitrogen accumulation along an elevational gradient, Niwot Ridge, CO Eve Gasarch NWT Site Science 08/03/12 170
Altered bacterial community structure of Chronic N-amended soils of hardwood stand at Harvard Forest, MA, USA Rakesh Minocha HFR Site Science 07/31/12 123
Altitudinal gradient of dissolved organic carbon in headwater streams of the Wuyi Mountains in China honghua ruan Other Site Science 08/26/12 272
An Ice Storm Manipulation Experiment at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire John Campbell HBR Site Science 07/10/12 32
Application of Flow and Sediment Transport Simulation: A Case Study of Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA) Noosha Mahmoudi FCE Site Science 07/31/12 120
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER