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Coastal Systems

Water mass subduction and eddy effects on phytoplankton distributions in the Santa Barbara Channel, California

Poster Number:  198 Presenter/Primary Author:  Libe Washburn Observations using towed, undulating vehicles show that phytoplankton layers occur well below euphotic zone depths in the Santa Barbara Channel (SBC).  The deep layers are typically found wher

Kelp detritus: quantifying carbon contributions and size distribution

Poster Number:  197 Presenter/Primary Author:  Christie Yorke To determine the potential of particulate kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) detritus to serve as a trophic resource for coastal suspension feeders, we quantified the rate of production and size

Ecosystem-atmosphere interactions in a New England salt marsh (PIE LTER)

Poster Number:  189 Presenter/Primary Author:  Inke Forbrich Analyzing the response of salt marsh vegetation to tidal influences is important to understand if or how they can adapt to changes in sea level.

δ13C and δ15N of particulate organic matter in the Santa Barbara Channel: drivers and implications for trophic inference

Poster Number:  183 Presenter/Primary Author:  Robert Miller We investigated the extent to which temporal variation in the stable isotope composition of suspended particulate organic matter (POM) was explained by phytoplankton biomass and production at a sou

Ocean Acidification: Assessment Of pH in the Channel Islands National Park and its Effect on Sea Urchin Fertilization

Poster Number:  181 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lydia Kapsenberg Ocean acidification, the decline of seawater pH as a direct result of anthropogenic CO2 dissolving into surface oceans, is expected to affect the marine ecosystem of the Channel Islands

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