Colorado mountains

Coastal Systems

Glider observations of bio-optical properties in the coastal waters of the Santa Barbara Channel, California

Poster Number:  56 Presenter/Primary Author:  Fernanda Henderik... Characterizing and understanding the vertical, temporal and spatial variability of coastal water processes at small regional and short time scales requires frequent sampling and integration of mult

Stream Ecosystem Metabolism at the Virginia Coast Reserve: A Comparison of the Conventional Open Water Technique and Eddy Correlation

Poster Number:  53 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dirk Koopmans Inland waters transform or store over half of the carbon they receive, making their benthic metabolism significant to the global carbon budget.

Spatially explicit feedbacks between seagrass meadows, sediment, and light: habitat suitability for seagrass growth

Poster Number:  41 Presenter/Primary Author:  Joel Carr In shallow costal bays in which nutrient loading and riverine inputs are low, turbidity, and the consequent light environment are controlled by resuspension of bed sediments due to wind-waves and t

Sustainable seagrass restoration in the Virginia Coastal Bays: assessment of sediment and water qualities

Poster Number:  36 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alia Al-Haj Restoration of eelgrass (Zostera marina) has been successful in the Virginia coastal bays, where >17 km2 of eelgrass has been restored since 2001.

Blue carbon in freshwater marshes on the barrier islands of Virginia

Poster Number:  22 Presenter/Primary Author:  Emily Adams Recent research has shown that wetland systems play an important role in carbon sequestration.  The concept of sequestration in tidal systems has been termed “blue carbon.”  The vast majo

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