Colorado mountains

Ecosystem Ecology

Sierra Nevada (Spain) LTER platform: Towards adaptive management of mediterranean ecosystems

Poster Number:  193 Presenter/Primary Author:  Francisco Bonet Sierra Nevada is a high mountain range (reaching 3,482 m.a.s.l.) located in Southern Spain (37oN, 3o W) covering 2,000 km2. 
It is a Natural Biosphere Reserve (MaB.

How do arctic shrub canopies respond to changes in the diffuse light fraction of solar radiation?

Poster Number:  192 Presenter/Primary Author:  Laura Van Der Pol The aim of this study is to understand how tall (>50cm) arctic shrub canopies, such as those dominated by the shrub species Betula nana and Salix pulchra, function under differ

Examining nutrient co-limitation in northern hardwood forests

Poster Number:  190 Presenter/Primary Author:  Melany Fisk Recent meta- analyses reveal that ecosystem productivity is often co-limited by nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).

Ecosystem-atmosphere interactions in a New England salt marsh (PIE LTER)

Poster Number:  189 Presenter/Primary Author:  Inke Forbrich Analyzing the response of salt marsh vegetation to tidal influences is important to understand if or how they can adapt to changes in sea level.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER