Colorado mountains

Ecosystem Ecology

Can urban trees help protect our lakes and streams?

Poster Number:  243 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel Nidzgorski From New York City to Los Angeles, cities throughout the United States are aiming for the “Million Trees” mark and expanding their urban forests.  Urban trees are known to enhance human well-b

Separate Effects of Flooding and Anoxia on Soil Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Poster Number:  229 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gavin McNicol Soils are large sources of atmospheric greenhouse gases, and their magnitude and composition is strongly controlled by soil redox conditions.

Temperate Forest Soils Sequester as much Carbon as Trees in Response to Nitrogen Deposition

Poster Number:  220 Presenter/Primary Author:  Serita Frey The terrestrial biosphere sequesters up to a third of annual anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, offsetting a substantial portion of greenhouse gas forcing of the climate system.  While a

Grassland sensitivity to climate change at local to regional scales: assessing the role of ecosystem attributes vs. environmental context

Poster Number:  204 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alan Knapp Although we have learned much in the past 20 years about how individual ecosystems are likely to respond to climate change, extending this knowledge to regional and continental scales has been a fa

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER