Colorado mountains


The impact of stormwater control structures on N fluxes in a coastal watershed.

Poster Number:  244 Presenter/Primary Author:  Neil Bettez Humans have significantly altered the landscape in urban areas resulting in increased volume and velocity of runoff following precipitation events.

Can urban trees help protect our lakes and streams?

Poster Number:  243 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel Nidzgorski From New York City to Los Angeles, cities throughout the United States are aiming for the “Million Trees” mark and expanding their urban forests.  Urban trees are known to enhance human well-b

High Frequency Monitoring of the Quantity and Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter Flux Between Salt Marshes and Plum Island Sound, MA

Poster Number:  242 Presenter/Primary Author:  Yong Zhao Salt marshes are highly productive continental margin ecosystems, due to abundant solar radiation, water, and nutrients provided by tidal water.

Towards Closing Watershed Nitrogen Budgets: Incorporating Spatial and Temporal Scaling of Denitrification

Poster Number:  240 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jonathan Duncan Closing the nitrogen budget is a major scientific challenge at multiple scales. One of the largest sources of uncertainty is the amount lost via denitrification.

Separate Effects of Flooding and Anoxia on Soil Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Poster Number:  229 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gavin McNicol Soils are large sources of atmospheric greenhouse gases, and their magnitude and composition is strongly controlled by soil redox conditions.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER