Colorado mountains


Non-linear nitrous oxide (N2O) response to N fertilizer during switchgrass establishment

Poster Number:  317 Presenter/Primary Author:  Leilei Ruan N2O is known for its high global warming potential. Various studies have shown that soil N2O emissions are significantly correlated with the amount of N fertilizer applied.

Spatial and temporal variability in soil CO2 fluxes during the snow covered season on Niwot Ridge

Poster Number:  316 Presenter/Primary Author:  Daniel Liptzin Until recently, microbial activity in seasonally snow covered ecosystems was thought to be limited during the snow-covered season.  However, in the last decade many studies have shown that the

The Chemical Properties of Alaskan Permafrost and Seasonally Thawed Soils

Poster Number:  297 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jessica Ernakovich Although permafrost soils contain vast stores of carbon, we know relatively little about the chemical composition of the carbon stored in these soils.

Fine Root Production and Belowground Soil Processes Across a Dryland Ecotone

Poster Number:  291 Presenter/Primary Author:  Brenda Nieto Drylands cover 30% of terrestrial land area and can influence global C (carbon) and N (nitrogen) cycles.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER