Colorado mountains

Atmospheric Science

Updating Storminess Records for LTER Sites

Poster Number:  133 Presenter/Primary Author:  Bruce Hayden The data records for storminess and their analysis for the period 1885-1996 for the continental US were compiled from NOAA data (Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Long-Term Ecological R

LTER Climate and Waters Committee Meeting

The LTER Climate and Waters Committee will explore work statements for the years to come and identify a leader for the hydrological activities. Session:  Ad-hoc Working Group Session 8 - Thursday (Lunch) Room Assignment:  Ruesch Auditorium - Sweet (50)

Analyzing air temperature trends in spatially distributed long-term records at and across LTER sites

Air temperature and its associated exchange of sensible heat are fundamental variables and processes defining the state and energy exchange of ecosystems across biomes. Session:  Working Group Session 4 Tuesday Room Assignment:  Longs Peak - Keyhole (60)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER