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Forest Ecology

Investigating tree species effects on plant-soil-microbial feedbacks in Alaskan boreal forest

Poster Number:  115 Presenter/Primary Author:  April Melvin In Alaskan boreal forest, fire is a common disturbance that can alter successional trajectories and plant-soil-microbial (PSM) feedbacks.

Twenty years of change in the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot, Puerto Rico

Poster Number:  99 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jess Zimmerman The Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP) is a 16-ha research grid located in the subtropical wet forest of northeastern Puerto Rico.

Long-term population dynamics of exotic species: a cross-site multi-species investigation

Working Group Reports Final reports:  Working group report.docx Participant list:  Participant list.docx The population dynamics of introduced species may dictate trends in those species' impacts on invaded ecosystems and societies.  For instance, if there are lags in the population growth of an Session:  Working Group Session 3 Tuesday Working Group Session 4 Tuesday Room Assignment:  Eastside - Rainbow Fireside (75)

Survivors, not invaders, control forest development following simulated hurricane in New England

Poster Number:  57 Presenter/Primary Author:  Audrey Barker Plo... Hurricanes profoundly impact New England forests every 50-100 years but few studies have evaluated mechanisms of long-term forest dynamics following major windthrows.

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