Colorado mountains

Information exchange

LTER and STREON synergies and opportunities: Next generation questions in stream ecological research

STREON (STReam Experimental and Observatory Network) is an experiment within NEON unprecedented in scope, which will address compelling questions related to basic stream ecological structure and fu Session:  Working Group Session 3 Tuesday Room Assignment:  Longs Peak - Granite Pass (85)

LTER site communication point persons meeting

This lunchtime meeting will bring together all of the communication point persons from the LTER sites to share ideas, network, and brainstorm about science communication within the Network. Session:  Ad-hoc Working Group Session 1 - (Monday Lunch) Room Assignment:  Ruesch Auditorium - Hobbs (50)

Anthropological Sciences, Ecology, and Environment

Ecological and environmental research within anthropology includes a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches of relevance to long-term ecological research. Session:  Working Group Session 4 Tuesday Working Group Session 5 - Wednesday Room Assignment:  Wind River C (100)

StreamChem DB and cross site synthesis

Working Group Reports Final reports:  Final report_StreamChem DB and cross site synthesis.docx Cross-site studies are a useful for understanding ecosystem processes and placing findings into a broader context. Session:  Working Group Session 6 - Thursday Room Assignment:  Longs Peak - Keyhole (60)

Stable Isotopes: new technologies, novel elements and approaches

Stable isotope analyses remain proven technologies for characterizing long term change within ecosystems. Session:  Working Group Session 4 Tuesday Room Assignment:  Longs Peak - Boulder Field (85)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER