Colorado mountains


Altered bacterial community structure of Chronic N-amended soils of hardwood stand at Harvard Forest, MA, USA

Poster Number:  123 Presenter/Primary Author:  Rakesh Minocha At the Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA, the impact of twenty years of annual ammonium nitrate application on the forest soil bacterial communities was studied using pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes.

The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Socio-Ecological Science

Poster Number:  95 Presenter/Primary Author:  Sydne Record Integrating research and resources of hundreds of scientists from dozens of institutions, network-level science is fast becoming one scientific model of choice to address complex problems.

Ecological modeling – Lessons from ecological informatics and modeling research of Harvard Forest - LTER site

Poster Number:  92 Presenter/Primary Author:  Ahmed Hassabelkreem The biggest challenge of conservation is the availability of current data about the state of populations, communities and ecosystems.

Post-clearcut dynamics of carbon, water and energy exchanges in a mid-latitude, temperate forest environment

Poster Number:  78 Presenter/Primary Author:  mvanderhoof Temperate forests store a large amount of carbon vulnerable to release from climate change, disturbance and land conversion processes.  Temperate forests also play an important role in regulat

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER