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Nitrogen addition modulates the response of Hydrolithon onkodes to ocean acidification

Poster Number:  339 Presenter/Primary Author:  Robert Carpenter A growing body of evidence suggests that continued acidification of surface waters of the ocean will have significant negative impacts on calcifying organisms and this will be particularly importan

The relationships between SOM quality and decomposition across a gradient of increasing shrub abundance in the Alaskan Arctic

Poster Number:  325 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jennie DeMarco Warming arctic temperatures are shifting dominant vegetation from graminoids to deciduous shrubs whose functional traits can alter the quality of soil organic matter (SOM) via litter inputs and roo

Photosynthetic and resource acquisition traits in annual and perennial cereals

Poster Number:  322 Presenter/Primary Author:  Nikhil Jaikumar Perennial polycarpy and annual monocarpy are conflicting plant life history strategies with differing strategies of resource allocation.

Non-linear nitrous oxide (N2O) response to N fertilizer during switchgrass establishment

Poster Number:  317 Presenter/Primary Author:  Leilei Ruan N2O is known for its high global warming potential. Various studies have shown that soil N2O emissions are significantly correlated with the amount of N fertilizer applied.

Changes in invertebrate communities along a natural elevational climate gradient at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA

Poster Number:  314 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lynn Christenson Warmer winters associated with climate change are predicted to decrease snow cover and increase soil freezing.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER