Colorado mountains


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Potential Roles of Gypsophilic fungal endophytes at the Sevilleta LTER

Poster Number:  351 Presenter/Primary Author:  Terri Tobias Gypsophilic soils are mainly composed of calcium sulfate and plants in this environment form associations with a diverse community of mycorrhizal and other endophytic fungi.

Isolation of Fungi from Healthy and Blue-Stain Infected Piñon at the Sevilleta LTER

Poster Number:  349 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrea Porras-Alfaro Piñon trees in piñon-juniper woodlands in the Southwest have been showing increase mortality due in part to major droughts that have been impacting this area.

Soil and endophytic fungal associations with grama at the Sevilleta LTER

Poster Number:  348 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrea Porras-Alfaro Plant and soil fungi are fundamental in different ecological processes.

Thermophilic Fungi in Biological Soil Crust at the Sevilleta LTER

Poster Number:  347 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrea Porras-Alfaro Biological soil crust are common in arid ecosystems, they are mainly form by the association of a community of microorganisms including fungi, lichens and cyanobacteria.

Characterization of Endophytic Cellulose Degrading Fungi at the Sevilleta LTER site.

Poster Number:  345 Presenter/Primary Author:  Andrea Porras-Alfaro Very few microorganisms are currently used in bioethanol production and the discovery of novel species with the capacity to degrade cellulose could impact directly the biofuel industry.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER