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Phenology across LTER sites and trophic levels

Working Group Reports

Phenology is key research in understanding how climate influences life history events and climate change is and will be impacting ecosystems. Cues and timing of phenological events have been well studied for some commercial species but little is known for others.  Historically, people have been noting phenology for centuries and many cultures have oral histories and timelines of activities based on phenology.  

LTER sites are prime locations for incorporating formal phenology studies into their long term measurements, as phenology integrates multiple core areas, including climate, hydrology, biodiversity, land use, and education.  In this workshop, multiple sites will share brief overviews of their phenology research programs, which include study of birds, terrestrial and aquatic insects, plants and biophysical descriptors and outreach. Participants will also be invited to briefly describe their phenological research in order to compile a list of sites and study types.

Second hour of the workshop will be discussion of topics to include:

       -Metrics and analyses of phenological responses

       -Scenarios of phenological response responses to current and changing climate

       -Connections to other phenology networks  (NPN, Budburst)

       -Outreach and education

Goals of this workshop are to broaden our understanding of types of studies and responses observed, share insights for analyses, and plan for next steps in study of biotic responses to changing climate across sites.

Sherri Johnson
Mark Schulze
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 10
Sept 13
Number of 2 hour sessions requested: 
Equipment requested: 
screen, projector, flip chart, easel
Additional Comments: 
We talked about merging with the other proposed phenology workshop but it sounds like the scope, species and objectives of the two sessions are very different so they could be scheduled separately as long as they aren't overlapping.
Room Assignment: 
Longs Peak - Keyhole (60)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER