Colorado mountains

PDTNet Working Group

The Productivity-Diversity-Traits Network was formed through LTER Network Office funding in 2004. This group continues to meet annually during which time we have developed and published a functional traits database (Cleland et al. 2008.  Ecology). The goals of PDTNet are to use long-term ecological data sets from grassland ecosystems across the LTER Network and elsewhere to address the causes and consequences of nitrogen fertilization on plant community structure, composition and dynamics. In addition, we are particularly interested in the climatic drivers of temporal variability in species richness. Products thus far include a comparative analysis of species responses to chronic N addition (Pennings et al. 2005. Oikos), community responses to N addition across productivity gradients (Suding et al. 2005.  PNAS), the role of abiotic factors in community responses to N addition (Clark et al. 2007.  Ecology Letters), metrics to quantify temporal dynamics (Collins et al. 2008.  Ecology), responses of native and non-native species to N addition (Cleland et al. 2011.  J Ecol) and the role of clonality in species responses to N addition (Gough et al. 2012.  Oecologia). At ASM, PDTNet will meet for two 2 hour sessions. The first session will be limited to current members to finish work on  various manuscripts to be submitted and to work on manuscript revisions generated during our previous meeting. The second meeting period will be an open session to present recent results, brainstorm new projects and seek additional datasets and participants.

Scott Collins
Katharine Suding
Elsa Cleland
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 10
Number of 2 hour sessions requested: 
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Additional Comments: 
The first morning session will be a "closed" session and the afternoon session will be open to all interested parties.
Room Assignment: 
Eastside - Deer Ridge Fireside (75)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER