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Housing Reservations at the YMCA or Estes Park

The costs listed on the registration page include lodging and meals for the duration of your stay at the YMCA. Before you rush to make your reservations, please read the following carefully.

The following housing instructions apply to everyone except information managers staying in the eight-bedroom cabin and attendees whose travel is being paid directly by the LTER Network Office (you will have received an individual communication from Bob Waide,  LNO Executive Director).

If you arriving on September 8th for early meetings on September 9, the Longs Peak lodge is the only option for housing and there will be an additional charge from the YMCA for room and board.

You will need to make your housing reservations directly with the  and pay for your lodging.  Several payment options are available, and if paying by credit card, your card will not be billed until you arrive at the meeting.  If your travel is funded by your site, contact your site personnel for reimbursement information. You can help your site bring more people to the meeting  by sharing rooms, and coordinating roommates before you register.  The number of available single rooms is limited and will become more limited as the deadline for housing reservations approaches.  There is a penalty for canceling your reservation, so make sure you will attend before reserving.  If you do need to cancel, you must find a substitute for your reservation and contact the YMCA. 

Travel arrangements - Please coordinate travel to the ASM with your site or whoever is funding your travel.  Please try to arrive in Denver on Sunday, September 9, by mid-afternoon in time to reach the YMCA of the Rockies for the evening mixer and poster session.  Information Managers, Graduate Students, Education Representatives and members of the LTER Executive Board will need to arrive on September 8, for their meetings on September 9.  Departures should be scheduled for Friday, September 14 late enough to allow time to reach the airport and pass through security.

Air Travel and Shuttle Bus from Denver Airport to Estes Park Center/YMCA   Denver Internatiional Airport is the closest large airport for travel the Estes Park. Transportation to the YMCA of the Rockies has been arrange through the Estes Park Shuttle Service.  You can make your reservation at their web site, The discounted cost of the shuttle is $63.75. Be sure to enter the group code, "LTER". Note that it can take 3-4 hours to get bags, wait for your scheduled shuttle, and get to the YMCA, and the same amount of time returning to the airport.  Therefore, late arrivals and early departures are not possible, and should not be attempted.

Working Group and last minute "Ad-hoc Working Groups - Working Group submissions will be scheduled based on requested times and order of submission, after review by the 2012 ASM Program Committee.  Go to to submit your working group.  Deadline for Working Group submissions was August 1, 2012.   However, requests for "Ad-hoc" meeting times and space can be made in the working group page.  Simply request a time slot during one of the "ad-hoc" meeting times, and select a room for your meeting.

Posters - Poster submission is now open.  We will have room for 450 posters.   All posters will be displayed throughout the meeting.  The web site with instructions to submit posters is:

Meeting Registration - Early registration (prior to August 1) was $60.00, standard registration is open until September 1 at $70.00.  After September 1, on-site only registration is $80.00:

General meeting information and important deadlines can be found at:

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