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ASM Poster Submission is Open

2012 LTER All Scientists Meeting Poster Submission

Posters for the 2012 LTER All Scientists meeting may be submitted on the ASM 2012 website.   Please login to submit author information, abstracts and related inforamtion at:

If you have any problems related to your submission or proplems logging in to the Website to submit your poster, PLEASE send a message to "" and we will help you with any difficulties.

Poster deadlines and size limit:
Posters will be accepted on a first come, first served basis – so early submission is encouraged, and essential to ensure a slot in the poster session.  Each poster MUST be no larger than 45" x 45"’ in order to accommodate all posters.  Push-pins will be provided

Number of posters per site:
Poster submissions prior to September 1 (or until the limit of 450 submissions is reached) will be included in a printed program.  Based on the available space, there is room for each LTER site to have 15 site or cross-site science posters, in addition to one general site description poster.  Sites may wish to determine which posters will be submitted from their sites.  Submissions from students are encouraged.  We also encourage ILTER and non-LTER sites to submit site science posters.  We will reserve poster spaces for ILTER and non-LTER submissions.

Poster Types
We have two main types of posters that we request be submitted for the 2012 ASM: site description posters and site/cross-site science posters.

Site description posters will be presented during the evening of Monday, September 10. LTER sites will have the opportunity and are highly encouraged to present an “informational” or “synthesis” poster that describes research at the site.  The poster may complement the information presented during the Sunday plenary “Lightning Round”.  We also encourage each site to provide handouts of poster material.

Site science/cross-site science posters will be displayed beginning Monday, September 10, and left up through the evening of Thursday, September 13.  Posters will be presented during the evening mixers with additional viewing/tending opportunities during lunch and dinner.  LTER Science posters will be presented during either the Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions based on odd/even numbers of posters. Handouts of material from site posters will greatly facilitate one-on-one meetings with attendees, and are highly encouraged in preparation for this meeting.  The site science poster sessions will be organized by research themes. We hope that this facilitates inter-site networking and exchange of information and ideas.  Thus, we ask that each poster's presenter select a theme from those listed on the submission form.

Volunteers for the Student Poster Award Committee:
Please email the ASM Poster committee ( if you are willing to judge student poster submissions for award consideration.


Note: Size limit is 45" x 45". Push-pins will be provided

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER