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Organizing Committee

2012 LTER ASM Organizing Committee Members
Lajtha, Kate ( - AND Walsh, Jonathan ( - BES
Grove, Morgan ( - BES - Co-chair Mack, Michelle ( - BNZ
Iwaniec, David ( - CAP Bahauddin, Dan ( - CDR
Spivey, Mary ( - CDR Evans, Sakura ( - CWT
Benfield, Ernest ( - CWT Gragson, Ted ( - CWT
Oehm, Nick ( - FCE Dailey, Susan ( - FCE
Bowden, Richard ( - HFR Sala, Osvaldo ( - JRN
Kunkle, Justin ( - KBS La Pierre, Kimberly ( - KNZ
Harrington, John ( - KNZ Waide, Robert ( - LNO - Co-chair
Vande Castle, John ( - LNO - Co-chair Gonzalez, Grizelle ( - LUQ
Williams, Mark ( - NWT Whitmer, Allison ( - SBC
Rodriguez, Gabe ( - SBC Swann, Amaris ( - SEV
Collins, Scott ( - SEV Vanderbilt, Kristin ( - SEV
Reidenbach, Matthew ( - VCR  

Sub-committees of the 2012 LTER ASM Program Committee
Version 1.0
October 4, 2011

Theme Sub-committee- Develop ideas for meeting theme to be discussed by full committee and recommended to the LTER Science Council (Task Completed)
Osvaldo Sala
Kate Lajtha
Rich Bowden


Program Sub-committee- Recommend meeting structure for approval by the full committee
Dan Bahauddin
Susan Dailey
Mark Williams
John Vande Castle (lead)
Nick Oehm
Osvaldo Sala
Grizelle Gonzalez


Plenary Sub-committee- Solicit ideas for plenary speakers in accordance with the chosen theme, recommend a short list to the full committee, and invite chosen speakers
Scott Collins
Ali Whitmer
Matthew Reidenbach
John Harrington
Ted Gragson
Ernest Benfield
Grizelle Gonzalez (lead)


Targeted Working Groups Sub-committee- Based on previous meetings and community suggestions identify important working groups that need to be included in the program and identify organizers for these working groups. For example, a working group on communicating with press and public.
Ali Whitmer
Kate Lajtha (lead)
Amaris Swann
Mary Spivey
Jonathan Walsh
Richard Bowden


Entertainment/Mixers Sub-committee- Recommend mixer activities and final night entertainment to the full committee
Bob Waide
Susan Dailey (lead)
Gabe Rodriguez
Nick Oehm


Working Group Proposals Sub-committee- Review, evaluate, and accept or reject working group proposals; recommend combining potential duplicate working groups; suggest ways to improve or broaden proposed working groups
Matthew Reidenbach
John Vande Castle
Mary Spivey
Justin Kunkle (lead)


Posters Sub-committee- Organize posters sessions, allot spaces to sites based on program, and develop a solicitation for posters
David Iwaniec
Kimberly La Pierre
Tiffany Troxler-Gann
Sakura Evans (lead)
Susan Dailey


Concluding Remarks/Town Hall Sub-committee- Develop recommendations for an agenda for the closing session
Kristen Vanderbilt
Morgan Grove
Bob Waide


Assessment Sub-committee- Develop mechanisms and metrics to assess the ASM in terms of 1) meeting objectives and 2) meeting organization and logistics
Kate Lajtha
John Harrington
Scott Swinton


Outreach Sub-committee- Develop and disseminate information about the accomplishments of the ASM to NSF, the press, and other audiences via the LTER website
Susan Dailey
McOwiti Thomas (ex officio)
Nick Oehm
Mary Spivey (lead)


Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER